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When Is The Best Time to List Your Home For Sale

Here in the northeast region of the United States, the traditional home buying season is spring and summer while the off-season is autumn and winter. Spring starts the home selling and home-buying season with the weather warming, longer days and the impetus to be settled in a new house before the next school year begins.
Housing demand is highly seasonal due to weather and the school year so there is more inventory on the market in spring and summer which drives pricing up. The more homes on the market translates to more comparable data for appraisers to use which means a more accurate value of your property compared to the fall/winter off-season when there are fewer homes on the market therefore, less comparable data. The more data the better value for the Seller.

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There is more than just anecdotal evidence for listing in the spring. A 2015 study* found that homes listed between May 1 through May 15 sold an average of 18.5 days faster than homes that weren’t listed during that time frame. Homes that sold in the first half of May were also purchased for about 1 percent more than the average listing price.

*2015 Study conducted by Zillow


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